Products (for subscriptions)

  • Open API

    Open APIs are available with no security restrictions for the information itself. There is always the need of a product subscription though, with a valid API key for an application to get data access.

  • Partner's API

    Partner's APIs are used by trusted systems that are mainly using system to system integration. It is also possible for a partner to develop applications that are based on other API products. If that is the case, the same rules will apply as in other cases where those APIs are used.

  • Patient's API

    Patient's API requires an approved application and also that the user is signing in using personal electronic ID. Signing in is in most cases handled by a commercial IdP service that has support for BankID ande Mobile BankID.
    Applications that are using Patient's API must fulfill the OpenID Connect/OAuth2 standards and the integration profile of this service.

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