Connect to Cambio Open Services

This is an open web site which means that everyone can read about the Cambio Open Services APIs and find information about how you can connect your application to COSMIC and while doing that get access to Sweden's largest market for eHealth.

Start today and get going! Your application can add value for patients and care givers!


The first step to be able to connect is to register by filling out the registration form. Your data will help us to give you the right information when you connect and will make the process to get technical approval from Cambio faster when your application is ready. To register, use this registration form. When you have registered you will get an email with a link to verify your registration.

Access to APIs and COSMIC

When your registration is ready you will get access to a sandbox where you can try out your application. It contains a complete installation of COSMIC with the available APIs to which you will have full access. This is one of the benefits of using Cambio Open Services! You can now test your own application fully using the listed APIs. You can test directly on the site by entering your test values. When you select Send a call will be made to COSMIC and you will get a reply. This might be your first experimental try using Cambio Open Services or you might be using the API key you have received together with instructions on how to use it (see Develop and Test). Cambio is providing APIs divided into three classification types based on security levels. Some APIs are open for everyone to use with no requirements on security. For others you need to verify that you are allowed to see the information in COSMIC that you are requesting. API keys are provided per classification, which means that after your registration you need to go to the API list and require an API key for the classification that you need for your application. Cambio will handle your request as soon as possible. While waiting for your API key we advise you to study the section Develop and Test.